Wadsworth, OH

He is Eugene Michael Buckley, Jr. Gene to his friends; dad and grandpa to his family.

Gene Buckley is a 30+ year resident of Wadsworth. He loves everything about the community including Stiners Fitness/YMCA and his friends. His most favorite place is his hide-away in the New York Adirondacks. This hide-away is his vacation away from Wadsworth, a few weeks at a time with family and special friends.

Some may not know Gene is a Navy Vet, college graduate, successful Facilities Engineer. He has been involved in community theater, target shooting, sports, music and a fitness coach. And Gene is most known for being a great friend, loving father and grandfather.

Gene has been called away by God. As is with Dad, he knew this call was coming. So he had arranged for a very private, no-nonsense send off, something we respect and will follow.

Friends who want to show their respect, Gene Buckley requests prayers, donations to the local food pantry and/or Humane Society and “toss a Crown Royal”. That’s Gene. You got to love the guy. We certainly do.