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Lora A. Tucker, daughter of Leonard and Lucille Tucker, passed away peacefully in her home on 7/25/17.  She was born at Beale Air Force Base in California on 1/6/65. She resided at Apple Creek Developmental Center from age 6 (where her nickname was “Buffy”) until she joined the SHC family in July of 1993 (moving into Paradise Village at that time). She resided at the Wanko Memorial home from 1997 to 1999, then moving to her final residence at the Rosalind Avenue home in Wadsworth.  Lora was known most for her strong drive to live and her sheer determination to be in control of her own life and actions. She had survived a number of significant illnesses and medical challenges, because of her unmatchable tenacity, strong sense of self independence, and desire to stay busy and active. She enjoyed water, her blocks and beads, the outdoors, having her nails done, playing peek-a-boo, and having her head massaged.  She hated missing out on any daily routines for any reason. She cherished and enbraced life, despite any challenges she had. She was preceded in death by both her parents, and survived by her brother Leonard (Kip) Tucker.

A memorial ceremony will be forthcoming for Lora, in lieu of a traditional funeral.  Further details will be shared through SHC as planned. Donations in Lora’s name may be made to SHC/ARC of Medina Co., 4283 Paradise Rd., Seville, OH. 44273.

Hilliard Rospert