Otis Rospert, 8-year-old canine companion of Belinda and Dan Rospert Crossed over the Rainbow bridge on Friday, August 2023. Otis was a former employee of Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home where he served as a comfort dog. He would often be laying on the settee wearing his Tuxedo and bow tie greeting visitors as they came and left the funeral home. His last couple of months he battled prostate cancer, and it was no longer fair to let him be in discomfort.  Otis is survived by his human parents, Belinda and Dan Rospert, his human brothers, Dr. Daniel S. (Dr. Samarchitha Magal M.D.) Rospert M.D., Dr. Thomas J. Rospert D.D.S., his loving grandparents Tom and Elaine Rospert, and his canine nephews Hank and Winston.

There are countless others who will also miss him.